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There are so many ways sex helps you to induce your labor naturally. The first one is your orgasm. When your body enjoys an orgasm, you naturally release oxytocin. Oxytocin is called the labor hormone because it is the hormone that starts your labor immediately. Hospitals use a man made version of oxytocin called pitocin to induce labors chemically. Another reason sex is a great natural way to induce your labor is that when your body contracts from your orgasms, you can induce your labor by spurring uterine contractions. There are so many ways sex is a great way to induce your labor naturally. The next step is learning how to have sex in a way that will induce your labor fastest. These positions are not only designed for this late stage in your pregnancy, but also for maximum intimacy between you and your partner.

Mom On Top

This position is not only easy, but will give you a chance to direct how much stimulation you're getting during sex without your beautiful baby bump getting in the way. Have your partner lay on their back and sit right on top of them face to face. This position is great because you can maintain eye contact and https://www.washingtonpost.com/newssearch/?query=Adult social media your partner gets the best view in the house. This position also allows for you to get to your orgasm faster by directing the penetration in a way that is more pleasurable for you.

The Flying-V

In order to achieve this really easy position, lie on your back with your bum lined up to the edge of the bed (so your legs would hang completely off of the bed). Have your man stand facing you between your legs, and rest your legs on his upper body. Your legs make a V-shape and will never touch the ground and your man gets to control penetration. Not only is this position great for you to relax, it also promotes direct eye contact between you and your partner and gives free adult social media you both great views. Make sure that you are vocal and direct your partner for best results. This position allows you to relax and lie on your back with your baby bump supported and your man to enjoy a great view.

With these positions and knowing everything you now know about using sex to induce your labor, you can rest easy knowing that you'll soon be holding your baby. These labor inducing sex positions will start your labor contractions from home naturally and safely.

Erectile dysfunction is a very common abnormality faced by many men during their lovemaking. In such a condition the man fails to maintain his erection for long. This gets into the way of a long and contended lovemaking. Your woman partner will find this highly annoying and this might leave your sexual life in a bitter taste. This might also take very high toll on your love or married life. Erectile dysfunction is related to other malfunctioning of reproductive organs. Dysfunctions like premature ejaculation and in later stages, impotency can occur because of this. If you are suffering from any one of this, then don't get upset. There are natural ways of treating these disorders. No one wants the climax to come as fast as after one or two pumps. To experience a longer and more satisfactory lovemaking you need to keep on going for long. So experts' opinions say that there are certain things to be borne in mind to avoid such embarrassing situation. Always choose a position that you are more relaxed and comfortable in. Position plays a vital role during sex, but you must also know that there is no such position that can alone make your sex last long. Longer erection takes a better flow of blood in the male organ. So choose a position that does not take a lot of flexing of muscles. A complicated position that takes a lot of acrobatic moves should be avoided. This is because those kinds of positioning, since they require more amount of blood flow will only take the blood flow away from your erection leading to a faster ejaculation. Normally doctors recommend their patients to let their woman partner to be on the top position during sex. This keeps you relaxed and does not involve much of a movement. This helps you last longer than usual. But in terms of a better flow of blood this position does not hold nay good that is better than other positions. Sex is something which is more of mind then body. Realizing this aspect helps a lot. So, in order to experience a better sex, try attaining an intense orgasm. Try having sex only when you are not in any mental turmoil like hurry, anxiety, worry stress etc. During the lovemaking, try to be totally relaxed and comfortable with your partner. Drink a little bit of alcohol to make you stress free. Avoid caffeine as they may constrict blood vessel leading to the same erection problem.